How to Brew Chaga Tea

How to Brew Chaga Tea

The best chaga tea is made with chunks in a crockpot. Use 1-3 large chunks or 3 - 6 small chunks.... per litre of water. This equates to 15-20 g per litre of water.  Don't worry.... it doesn't have to be exact!!

Steep on low for at least 4-6 hours, but overnight is best. The color of fully brewed chaga tea should be darker than a cup of strong, black coffee. 

More color > better flavour > more health benefit.

Store extra tea in a mason jar in the fridge to reheat later, or use it in your smoothies or cooking. Don’t throw away the chunks! Sometimes you can get a second or even 3rd brew out of the same chunks. Just add more water to your crockpot and re-brew. Or, take out the chunks and let them dry out on the counter for later use. You can add ‘spent chunks’ to you broths or sauces. 

No crock pot? No problem. Use a pot with a tight fitting lid, bring to a near boil and then steep on minimum heat for at least a couple of hours, keeping an eye on evaporation. Aim for the depth of color. 

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