Why Choose Untamed Feast?


Wild food means food that is not farmed or planted. It grows, ripens, and is harvested in its natural environment. Wild food is growing all around us. It synchronizes us with the seasons and connects us to the untamed parts of our nature.


Wild food is the pinnacle of healthy eating. It is the most nutrient dense and the least processed food that you can put into your body. Did you know that Wild mushrooms are full of protein and boost your immune system?

Gluten & dairy-free

Our products suit a large range of diets. Though traditionally paired with an array of cream, cheese, nuts, pasta, and meats they do not contain any of these. All products are vegan-friendly.


Wild food punches way more flavour per bite than mass produced anything. It tastes better because it comes from rich un-depleted habitats… as nature intended. Plus, dried wild food is even more concentrated in flavour. Simple preparations can bring about some serious gastronomic pleasure.


New to cooking with wild food? Fear not friends. We have plenty of recipes for you to chose from and on-line cooking demos. Easiest of all, select one of our ready to cook items which require no greater skill than chopping an onion. Having said that, Foodies...we encourage you to get your fancy on!


Mushrooms are one of the most sustainable food sources. They grow very quickly and don't need a lot of help. When we forage, we do things the slow, gentle, and old fashion way… by hand and we use natural drying techniques. We harvest in untamed and remote areas that are free of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.

"This is some of my favorite food I've ever eaten on the den."
David Chilton

"No question. Damned good. Really good."
Kevin O'leary

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