MushrooMeat - Untamed Feast Inc.
MushrooMeat™ - Untamed Feast Inc.
MushrooMeat™ - Untamed Feast Inc.
MushrooMeat™ - Untamed Feast Inc.
MushrooMeat™ - Untamed Feast Inc.
MushrooMeat™ - Untamed Feast Inc.
MushrooMeat™ - Untamed Feast Inc.
MushrooMeat™ - Untamed Feast Inc.
MushrooMeat™ - Untamed Feast Inc.
MushrooMeat™ - Untamed Feast Inc.
MushrooMeat™ - Untamed Feast Inc.


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Mushroom & Plant-based meat alternative. Makes 4 large burger patties OR 1 lb of ground MushrooMeat. 

Gluten-Free, Low-Sodium, Vegan-Friendly.


Ready in 15 minutes.

Excellent for Tacos, Lasagna, Meatballs, Chilli and more.

Dry, shelf-stable mix that does not require refrigeration. Simply add boiling water, oil & egg (or egg substitute). 

Instructions on the back of the bag.

Cooking videos - MushrooMeat burgers ; MushrooMeat ground 


Soy bean protein, wild mushrooms (porcini, boletes, shiitake, oyster, agaricus) cornstarch, rice flour, nutritional yeast, sea salt, onion powder, white pepper, seaweed powder, stinging nettle, chaga mushroom powder. Allergens: soy, may contain sulphites, may have come into contact with tree nuts.

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A Untamed Feast Inc. Customer
Chantel S.
Canada Canada
My new favorite!

Absolutely love this product. Fantastic taste and texture. I use it to make ground "meat" for tacos, burritos and pasta sauces. My only complaint is that the nutrition facts is "prepared with coconut milk." I would like to know the nutritional info for the product alone, or prepared with water.

Untamed Feast Inc.

Awesome! Glad you liked it. The nutrition facts are correct (minus the "coconut milk" typo) as prepared according to instructions with olive oil and egg.

Laurey D.
Canada Canada
Mushroom meat

I live in West Kelowna and was going to order some but the shipping fees are outrages. We were visiting in Edmonton and I picked up 4 pkgs as well as a few for my vegan friends. We did burgers and they were good but not as flavourful as I expected. We had leftovers and the burgers definitely had more taste the following day. I don’t think I would order them online due to the shipping cost but I would buy it again if I could find it locally.

Untamed Feast Inc.

Hi Laurey, Thank you for your feedback. We're a small business diligently working to get into more retailers and to meet Canada Post shipping thresholds that would lower fees. Thanks for your support in the meantime.

Haejeon J.
Canada Canada

My vegan son loves mushroom meat. No artificial flavour. naturally meaty and earthy.

Canada Canada
Absolutely delicious

I make these into burgers and they are very flavorful… A delicious alternative to meat. I have also used the dried mushroom mix in cream soups for flavour and was surprised at how much that helped to thicken the soup. Great product!

Cynthia L.
Canada Canada
Loved it!

In general, I won't eat a store bought veggie burger. They taste like cardboard on a good day. This is truly an exception to my rule. I can't believe how good this product is! I usually make my own. And you know, I cook beans, cook brown rice and add other ingredients. At least an hour or two of time. This allows me to open a bag, add a few ingredients and be eating 15 minutes later. Love the convenience. But, especially love the texture and flavour! The mushroom flavour really shines through here. Wonderful!

Untamed Feast Inc.

Hi Cynthia, thanks for going the extra mile to write a review. We really appreciate feedback, especially from someone with high veggie burger standards. Glad to be your exception!!